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Our Team 22/23

This is the 2022/23 team of the Warwick Hedge Fund Society. Our talented executive members come from various, diverse backgrounds and have held internships at some of the most prestigious firms in the world, including Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Blackrock, and Blackstone! 

Our exec are very friendly and always ready to help. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and ask us for help, whether it is for navigating the world of finance or Warwick!

The Board

Investment Research Team


Thejas Madhukar

Head of Investment Research

Nicole Woo.jpg

Nicole Woo

Co-head of TMT

Nikhil Kurien.jpg

Nikhil Kurien

Co-head of Private Equity

Anthony McKeiver.jpg

Anthony McKiever

Co-head of Commodities


Boris Pavlov

Co-head of TMT

Michelle Chew.jpg

Michelle Chew

Co-head of Private Equity

Niki Jahanian.jpg

Niki Jahanian

Co-head of Commodities


Aaron Maes

Co-head of FIG

Sukhdeep Mahil.jpeg

Sukhdeep Mahil

Co-head of Real Estate

Rinay Gill.jpg

Rinay Gill

Co-head of Consumer

Kunal Mehndroo.jpg

Kunal Mehndroo

Co-head of FIG

Darell Koh.jpg

Darell Koh

Co-head of Real Estate


Dhivarkar Vijayachandran

Co-head of Energy

Women in Hedge Funds Team

Tami Schwarzmann.jpeg

Tami Schwarzmann

Co-Head of Women in Hedge Funds

Joyce Barrenachea.jpeg

Joyce Barrenachea

Co-Head of Women in Hedge Funds


Careers and Corporate Relations Team


Ruan Shah

Co-head of Careers & Corporate Relations

Vivek Bulsara.jpg

Vivek Bulsara

Co-head of Careers & Corporate Relations


Outreach Team

Andrew McGill.jpg

Andrew McGill

Head of Outreach

Rhea Singhvi.jpg

Rhea Singhvi

Head of Social Media

Grace Chun.jpg

Grace Chun

Head of Branding

cover photo.jpg

Shiven Shah

Head of IT

Feranmi Majekodunmi



Head of Socials


Ulan Stamkul

Newsletter Editor

Ralfi Putra.jpg

Ralfi Putra

Newsletter Editor

James Brandham.jpg

James Brandham

Sports Coordinator

Alicja Pawlowska

Alicja Pawlowska

Video Editor

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